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Whenever we use any services, don’t we desire some discounts or extra credits for using it more?

Have you heard about the Shortpixel coupon, promo codes & deals for June 2021?

So, today I am here to tell you about the Shortpixel coupons. You can also check out the Shortpixel review:

Shortpixel was designed to compress webs, images and files for more and easy storage of those. 

Well, what if the platform offers us the same service with some extra benefits and bonuses using a coupon and that too without any promo code or discount code. A service as such may be costly right?

Well, what if the platform offers us the same service with some extra benefits and bonuses using a coupon and that too without any promo code or discount code, wouldn’t it be amazing?

So, let us have a look at every minute detail of the Shortpixel coupon so that you can check and try it out once.

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ShortPixel Lifetime Deal

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FAQs On ShortPixel Coupons

✅ Are there Shortpixel Promo Codes?

There are many instances where the Shortpixel Promo Codes & discounts are available throughout. There is a considerable amount of Shortpixel discounts available on the site or other social media platforms.

🏆 Is there any Shortpixel coupon code?

During Black Fridays and Cyber Mondays, there are few ShortPixel Coupons and Promo codes available.

👉 Is there a Shortpixel affiliate program?

Shortpixel Affiliate programs offer a high-commission Affiliate program with a unique sales tracking code. Using the code, affiliates can receive commissions of up to 50%.

💥 Is there a command line tool for Shortpixel?

For the Windows and Linux users, the command line tool feature works as a home feature. Using this feature, you can enter the command line and compress images.

🔥 To what type of websites does Shortpixel provide service?

ShortPixel works for various services such as HTML/CSS, WordPress sites, Joomla and Drupal websites as well.

💼 What are the details of Shortpixel Compression?

Using the ShortPixel Compressor, you can upload 50 images at a time. Also, each image must not exceed 10 MB.

💥 What is the importance of using ShortPixel coupons?

With the help of Shortpixel coupons, any company, no matter how big or small can benefit from the advantages these coupons offer. A tight budget is no barrier when it comes to Shortpixel, as its coupons will help you make an economical purchase.

🎉How long do ShirtPixel Coupons & Promo Codes last?

Some ShortPixel Discounts may last for indefinite time or some may even end in 3-4 days. Discount sales like Black Friday discount are valid only for 2-3 days.

🎉What days can I get 50% Off Sitewide from ShortPixel ?

You wouldn't get the Shortpixel sitewide discount on normal days. However, on days like holidays or important days of the year such as Military day, Cyber Monday, Black Fridays or others, you can grab these discount offers.

Popular Shortpixel Coupons, Discount Codes June 2021

Discount Description Updated
20% OFF Take 20% off on Shortpixel Pro June 2021
15% OFF Enjoy 15% OFF Deal on Sitewide June 2021
15% OFF Enjoy 15% OFF Deal on Selected Orders June 2021
Free Plan Get The Deal on Starter Plan For Free June 2021
$60 OFF Save $60 Off Shortpixel Coupon Code June 2021
20% OFF Use The Shortpixel Pro Coupon Code June 2021
35% OFF  35% OFF Shortpixel Lifetime Deal June 2021
50% OFF Get 50% OFF One-Time Plan June 2021
Save $120 Get $120 OFF ShortPixel Coupons June 2021
FREE DEAL 2-Months Free with ShortPixel June 2021

How to Apply ShortPixel Coupon codes & Deals? 

You don’t need to have any promo or discount code to avail this coupon, all you need is to go to the official website of short pixel and activate your Shortpixel deal to avail the benefits and credits of coupon with plans offering 50% extra credits on each one.

Don’t wait for too long and think, go hurry and grab this coupon to enjoy extra and timely benefits of Shortpixel coupon.

About Short Pixel Coupon :

Already using Shortpixel? Need some extra benefits and credits?

You are exactly at the right place, the shortpixel coupon has a variety of benefits under the price plans for one time and monthly offers, also in free plans.

When I used this coupon and activated my deal with sShortpixel, I got 50% extra credits on every plan I purchased. Being a professional blogger, this plans with extra credits help me out to increase my rankings on SEOs and also increase the efficiency of my work. Using Shortpixel has added to the quality of my work.

Besides each plan that I chose after deal included many things such as extra bonuses, simplicity in use, no file size limits, three different types of compressions namely lossless, lossy and glossy optimizations, access to WordPress plugin along with different tools that also include PHP compression tools.

To know more about Shortpixel, check out the detailed review of this image optimizer here.

What is ShortPixel Image Optimizer? 

ShortPixel image optimizer coupon codes

 ShortPixel is an image optimizer or image compressor that is easy to use. It works with VPS, cloud or any shared platforms. . Till date, it has 200k+ active installations with reference to WordPress. 

It also converts CMYK to RGB. It is a great tool for photographers. It does not have any file size limit while it accepts conversion of images and files to many different types of formats. It also provides a report of statistics monthly. While using this, images that are auto optimized can be deactivated.

ShortPixel has much better SEO rankings and plays a vivid role as a single account can be used for multiple sites. It provides customer support through questions answered on websites. It uses very fewer resources and works at a good pace with accuracy.  It also performs optimization of thumbnails. Support is provided 24/7 from developers.

It is safe and secure and is also used while creation of e-commerce websites. Well if images are not in our library or gallery, and just on our websites, they can be optimized too. 

Shortpixel Features :

Let us have a closer look at the features to analyse how Shortpixel can be used on multiple sites, its benefits and its uses and also determine its quality thereby checking out every minute detail and features, integration and a lot more.

  • A fast-working site helps to add to the user experience which indirectly ensures good rankings on search engines.
  • One of the best features I found while using this was that though the image size is minimized, the quality of the image is never ruined.
  • It utilizes compression technologies that are highly advanced.
  • It is very efficient
  • It comes with the maximum number of features all under one platform.
  • It has specifically three compression levels namely the lossless, lossy and glossy.
  • It also allows us to backup or restores the original images.
  • It supports compression of all image formats from which some of them are JPG, PNG, and GIF. 
  • It also allows the optimization of PDF documents that are uploaded to the sites.
  • You can use a single shortpixel account for multiple sites.
  • It has many API tools such as WordPress plugin, Reducer API, PHP Client library and many more.
  • Through the optimization reports, the use of credits can be tracked.
  • You can also obtain credits by referring shortpixel to a friend.
  • It uses less bandwidth and has very fast working websites.

ShortPixel Pricing:

The first thing that comes in our mind while viewing any services is the price. 

Shortpixel has three plans namely the free plan, the monthly plan and the one time plan. Let us have a closer look at its plans’ pricings before and after using the exclusive Shortpixel coupon.

ShortPixel Free Plan:

This plan avails 100 credits per month for a free user for compressing images.

ShortPixel Monthly Plan:

Shortpixel coupons- Shortpixel monthly plans

However, the exclusive coupon applying to the monthly plans, let us have a clear image at the before the deal and after deal view for the different number of images.  

  • Before applicability of Coupon:
  1. FREE: 100 images monthly for free
  2. SHORT: 5000 images per month at $4.99
  3. LARGE:12000 images per month at $9.99
  4. XXL: 55000 images per month at $29.99
  • Using ShortPixel Coupon
  1. FREE:150 images monthly for free
  2. SHORT:7500 images per month at $4.99 
  3. LARGE:18000 images per month at $9.99
  4. XXL: 82500 images per month at $29.99

The coupon benefits avail credits up to 50% extra on every deal.

ShortPixel One-time plan: 

ShortPixel one-time plans discpount code

However, the exclusive coupon applying to the one-time plans, let us have a clear image at the before the deal and after deal view for the different number of images.  

  • Before applicability of coupon:
  1. ONE TIME 10K: 10000 images at $9.99
  2. ONE TIME 30K:30000 images at $19.99
  3. ONE TIME 50K:50000 images at $29.99
  4. ONE TIME 170K: 170000 images at $99
  • After coupon utilization:
  1. ONE TIME 10K: 15000 images at $9.99
  2. ONE TIME 30K:45000 images at $19.99
  3. ONE TIME 50K:75000 images at $29.99
  4. ONE TIME 170K:255000 images at $99

Even in the one time plans, each plan has 50% extra credits after the deal.

  • Well, it has some plans for huge servers and projects too, 
  1. DEDICATED 4: 4 cores and 8 threads  at $350 per month
  2. DEDICATED 8: 8 cores and 16 threads at $500 per month
  3. DEDICATED 24: 24 cores and 48 threads at $ 1000 per  month

ShortPixel (Lossy vs. Glossy vs. Lossless):

ShortPixel loss vs glossy vs glosless- shortpixel promo codes

Shortpixel offers three compression levels. Let us have a  look at their comparisons to have a more sorted view of each.

  • Size:
  1. LOSSY: It compresses images to the most possible minimum size
  2. GLOSSY: It does compress images to a smaller size but mostly balances quality and size with no such difference seen.
  3. LOSSLESS: Compressing images is done simply.
  • Image quality:
  1. LOSSY: Some image quality is lost thereby ruining the original image quality.
  2. GLOSSY: Same quality of images as original pictures
  3. LOSSLESS: Same image quality.

Shortpixel Competitors:

ShortPixel vs Smush: 

Smush only comes as a WordPress plugin. However, if you need more support for CSS. HTML and other CMS platform, Shortpixel is the best choice as it comes as a WordPress plugin as well.

ShortPixel vs Imagify: 

Imagify and Shortpixel are equally good and competitive in terms of image quality. If you need more comprehensive software, you should choose Shortpixel as it offers flexibility as well.

ShortPixel Reviews (What Others Say About It):

ShortPixel is one of the best compression plugins in the market today. Being able to compress images as you upload them in your media library saves you time. The whole process becomes a breeze.- Niche Pursuits


Overall, I’ve found ShortPixel to perform well. The optimization results are in the expected range according to the settings used, and I’ve not run into any glitches in the processing. In sum, it’s easy to use and effective.- Have Camera


Optimizing each image manually can be a tedious task. Tools like ShortPixel make it easier. With an impressive feature-list and competitive pricing, you can definitely consider this plugin for compressing images without spending any time. Since the compression occurs remotely, it won’t overload your servers.- Coral Nodes


ShortPixel image optimizer offers a solid service with an intuitive workflow. It is simple to install and use, solving all image optimization needs of WordPress users. The image compression is very effective, optimized images being a lot smaller in size, without compromising the picture quality.-WPBlog

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Conclusion: ShortPixel Coupon, Discounts & Promo Codes June 2021

After having a look at each aspect possibly mentioned above, I can say that you are going to like Shortpixel coupon that increases the credits and benefits with the pricing plans that were basic but added with some more quality features, extra credits and bonuses including a wide-ranging variety of so many different features, change and updates in plans and much more.

With the most affordable and pocket-friendly plans, you can enjoy so many benefits all under one platform. 

On a personal note, I use it with WordPress and I can assure you saying that it has made my blog images of the required size and easy to view with no problems occurring even after their restoration.

I think that probably till now if you were a user on a prior basis, you could have more interesting ideas and a sure sorted view of your tasks getting easier with this coupon, and the new users must have googled it, and if not, what are you waiting for?

Go hurry and grab your ShortPixel Coupon Codes & Discount Deals to save up to 50%. For more information, check ShortPixel Home page and social media platforms Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  

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Get Free ShortPixel Plan with all features and save extra space on your website.

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ShortPixel One-Time Credit Discount

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$99 ShortPixel Discount

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Shortpixel Promotional Codes & Discounts


Shortpixel Free Image Discounts

ShortPixel is one of the most amazing tools in the current market. It will optimize and compress all your images in WordPress. Along with image compression, it has PDF compression and it is really very easy to set up. Be free to opt for the service after the review.


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