ShortPixel vs Smush 2021: The Ultimate Comparison (Pros & Cons)

Need to keep your website performance top-notch? Thus image optimization is also a crucial factor so that it won’t undermine your website.

But it’s not easy when it comes to choosing software for this task. So we bring you today, two of the best in the business- ShortPixel and Smush

Interested in knowing about ShortPixel? Read my detailed ShortPixel Review to find out further.



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ShortPixel is a simpler and more lightweight option, which is great if you just want to optimize your images quickly and without too much fuss. ... This one is actually a whole all-in-one image optimization solution for WordPress websites and beyond.

WP Smush is perhaps the most popular image compression plugin for WordPress. ... Also a popular choice; this plugin offers various levels of compression, so you can achieve a solid balance between performance and quality.

  • Lossless compression
  • PDF Compression
  • Max files size
  • Serve scaled images
  • Lossless compression
  • PDF Compression
  • Max files size
  • Serve scaled images
  • User-Friendly and Smooth
  • Quick Compression of Images
  • Pocket-Friendly Pricing
  • Does Not Affect Picture Quality
  • Convert PNG into transparent background.
  • Powerful Lossy Compression
  • Does Not Ruin Image Quality
  • Authentic Functionality
  • Massive Image Compression Plugin
  • Easy for Newbies
  • Mandatory to Set Up API Key
  • Backup takes space
  • No Local WebP Tool
  • Works Only if you have hundreds of images to compress
Ease of Use

Shortpixel are indeed easy to use.  As far as customers are concerned, it works in the background without creating any problem for the work.

Smush is the most prominent image optimization tool.  It has unique features that enable users to compress the images rapidly. It is easy to use and offers free image optimization for WordPress.

Value For Money

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Bottom Line|Upfront: ShortPixel is our favourite. It has tons of features in the free version. Moreover, it delivers WebP images swiftly. On the other hand, Smush is a well known Image optimizer plugin but it is limited in the free version. For more functionalities, you might need a Pro plan.

Anyway, you can try both ShortPixel and Smush for the free version.

Both of these WordPress plugins help you with image optimization, therefore, you won’t have to go look around for a solution to it externally. Both the software can get the job done, share many identical features but what differs them are the unique aspects they have to offer.

This article is a guide that compares both the plugins on various aspects:

  • Features of Shortpixel and Smush
  • Benefits of both the platforms
  • Which has better performance? 
  • Security of Shortpixel and Smush
  • Ease to use of the platforms
  • Customer support of both the software
  • The price battle between Shortpixel and Smush
  • Pros and cons

Overview: Shortpixel vs Smush 2021


ShortPixel review- Shortpixel vs Smush

It is a software plugin that is useful for the optimization of images without any reduction in the quality of the picture on your website. ShortPixel is easy-to-use software. All you require to do is to configure it with your website and it saves your time that you would otherwise need to prepare your posts.

It does all the optimization of the images uploaded on your website automatically. The ShortPixel offers various features that offer you better command over the optimization of your pictures.

Using ShortPixel, you can use any file such as PNG, JPG, PDF, and GIFs. Moreover, you can also convert a file from PNG to JPG. It also offers its user the control about compressing the images, you can choose between two options: Lossless and Lossy.

The images are resized automatically once you’ve uploaded them, thus, saving the manual effort in image resizing.

There are various plans with different prices which differ on three levels: monthly, one time, and dedicated. The prices of each plan and the features available at different levels vary.  



Smush pro vs Shortpixel

The first crucial cloud image optimization plugin service available, Smush was developed by WPMU DEV. Along with image optimization, Smush is also useful for other media enhancement plugins.

It is a back-to-back award-winning people’s favourite software available for image-optimizing on the WordPress platform.

One of its best features is that it can compress pictures in bulk and optimize JPEG, PNG, and JPEG. Also, along with converting the images into JPEG from PNG, it keeps a copy of the original image in the backup.

It has a wonderful interface and comprises proactive aspects that offer you the option of optimizing old as well as new pictures.

 Moreover, Smush not only compresses images but also notifies you with the details about how much space is saved for you. However, the free version limits us with the features available for the compression of images. To remove the limit one needs to purchase the premium plugin i.e, WP Smush Pro.

The pro version i.e, the premium plan includes the other functions along with the features available in the free plan. In the premium plan, you can pay either monthly or annually. 

What Are The Best Features Of Shortpixel & Smush? 

Common Features: 

  • Lossless Image Compression: The primary aspect of a plugin is for the compression of images. This feature allows you to optimize your images uploaded on the website by compressing them in size automatically.
  • Supports various file formats: It supports JPEG, GIF, PNG, and also can convert a PNG file to JPEG format. 
  • Backup the original picture: Along with compressing the image in an order to optimize it, it also saves a copy of the original image.

Unique Features: 


ShortPixel tools- Smrush vs Shortpixel

  • PDF Compression: ShortPixel plugin allows you to compress even the PDF files with an incredible reduction in the file size but not in the file quality. Not many plugins support pdf compression.
  • No limit to file size: Some plugins have constraints when it comes to the file size but not in ShortPixel. The Images can be of any size and it can nevertheless optimize them.
  • Visual Image Comparison: This is certainly the best tool of ShortPixel which allows you to take a preview of the original image and the compressed image so you can compare the quality of the image after the optimization of it.


Smush pro tools- Shortpixel SMush comparison

  • LazyLoad images: The lazyload feature is one of the unique features offered by smush. It always comes in handy while uploading the images. It delays the upload of images until we specifically request it. This way it saves you from a lot of troublesome stuff as it detects even a quick screen flick. 
  • Incorrect Image size detector: This feature quickly locates the images that are possibly the reason for the slowing of the website and thus, notifies you with it so that you could command it to further optimize it. This is a great tool that saves you big time from slowing your website. 

Which One Has Better Performance: Smush vs ShortPixel?


Auto-optimization is a feature that is always activated on this plugin. All you need to do is to upload the pictures and this plugin optimizes on its own. Though the post-compression information is not presented you can compare between the original and the compressed image.

The compressed image is only compressed in size and no such difference can be found in its quality even after the image is compressed 50% of its size. The optimization on ShortPixel is like an immediate upgrade as it optimizes the image with no much effort and without compromising its quality. 


Image optimization in this plugin is efficient and it does not compromise the image quality while compressing its size. However, in order to optimize an image, you need to upload it first. However, it does not avail of the customization options for optimization in the free version. So, you have to opt for the premium plan for it.


Winner: Shortpixel. Though based on the performance both the plugins are good, however, the features are limited in the Smush free plan. Whereas, in ShortPixel free plan it offers a lot more features as compared to the Smush.

Ease of use


Shortpixel optimization- Smush and shortpixel comparison

Shortpixel are indeed easy to use.  As far as customers are concerned, it works in the background without creating any problem for the work. It is easy to operate, you only need to arrange your website with it. Once you upload the images, it compresses them automatically without any restriction.

One can also convert PNG files to JPG. ShortPixel also makes it possible for you to convert PDFs into JPEG formats. This feature is offered by many plugins and thus makes it unique. 

Short pixels can optimize small images without damaging the actual quality of the image. It is time-saving as the maximum time it works in the background automatically. 

It is the best option to optimize various images without any difficulty. It is simple to understand and a portable option. 

The short pixel is famous for its simple methods of image optimization.


Smush is the most prominent image optimization tool.  It has unique features that enable users to compress the images rapidly. It is easy to use and offers free image optimization for WordPress. It also gives a possibility to optimize old pictures. It will also tell about the space used by the image and how much is left. It provides you with every piece of information available after optimizing the images. 

According to customer Feedback, its interface is wonderful and consists of many components that can be helpful while imaging compression.

Smush is compatible to compress loads of images and also JPEG and PNG.  

With the optimization of pictures, it also keeps a copy of that picture.

It will quickly distinguish between the good or bad image, bad images can create fluctuations while uploading. Thus, it saves you from the trouble which could otherwise cause and drain the resources of your website. 

Smush is the most common tool among WordPress users as it gives rise to some powerful server that helps in image compression.

Winner: When it comes to ease of use, I would say that both the short pixel and smush are easy to operate. The only thing that makes the difference is that both have some unique features that make one different from others. 

To conclude I would say both are amazing software. One can choose among these according to the requirements and keeping pricing in mind as both differ in that.

Customer Reviews 


Shortpixel reviews

Short pixel has always taken care of their customers’ needs. Many customers have said that it works in the background without any hindrance. All of their pictures look perfect but small in size ( in bytes).

They have even recommended the product to everyone who wants to decrease image size, they give a free trial to testing. Which helps the user to understand the working of the short pixel.

Many users have taken the subscription as it is easy to use.

Many users claim that with the help of short pixels they can easily compress as many images with better compression quality. Also, its sub-account feature is perfect for mechanisms.

It helped many customers, having short pixels there are no requirements for optimization images before uploading them to the website.

All the users of the short pixel have responded positively. And, they love it because it is easy to set up, affordable, supports pdf, it has many plans, also it comes with a bulk process. What they don’t like is the CDN, they say it is so good and expensive also.

But overall, whatever it claims to their customers they prove it. They have happy and satisfied customers.


Smush pro reviews vs Shortpixel-

If I’ll talk about customer reviews of smush then they consist of both good and bad reviews. 

Many users said that they use it but it is slow and takes so much time to optimize one image.

Some users claim that they like its interface and it works well. It is quite expensive in comparison to other plugins.

According to many users, it has helped them to speed up their website. It offers wonderful image compression. Also, it is the best free plugin for images and works amazing. It has compression tools and works effectively.

Winner: Shortpixel. Everything has two factors whether it is good or bad. Here, I would say that both the short pixels and smush are fabulous and easy to use. However, smush has a mixed type of reviews.  So, in total, I can say that short pixels are more satisfying than smush.  

Why Is Short Pixel Better? 

  • It has various compression methods to compress the image like glossy, lossy, and so on.
  • One can also process pdf, jpg, gif, like image compositions as it consists of some special plugin tools for WordPress.
  • With the help of cutting-edge tools, customers can also compress pdf files easily.
  • Its main benefit is that it compresses and optimizes images spontaneously on WordPress.
  • What makes it superior to other tools is that it can easily lessen the small pictures without doing any hindrance to the quality of the picture.
  • It is also a time saver as it resizes the magnitudes of the image itself.
  • It works very rapidly. Its image compression rate is so quick that it allows WordPress websites to pile as quickly as they can.
  • It can also compress different types of pictures.
  • One can easily optimize images without worrying about file size. It works with all the file sizes.
  • It offers several different settings for image compression. One can use any of them according to one’s necessities.

Why Is Smush Better? 

  • Smush gives open or free image compression for WordPress.
  • Its plugin activities are monitored by experts at WPMU DEV. It has all the effective features.
  • It consists of tools like lossless image compression, bulky smush, false picture magnitude detection.
  • Its features help WordPress websites to load vastly without any damage to the quality of the image.
  • It can also optimize the images on websites and there is no requirement to again upload them.
  • It also keeps the copy of the image that has been optimized.

ShortPixel vs Smusg Pricing Plans: Which Is More Affordable? 


ShortPixel Pricing- ShortPixel Reviews

ShortPixel dedicated pricing pla ns

ShortPixel offers several plans which could be divided into three categories: Monthly, One-time and Dedicated. 


  • Free Plan: This free plan allows you to optimize 100 images a month. It optimizes the images automatically and also in bulk. It offers Lossless, Glossy, and Lossy optimization features. Moreover, it has no size limit for images. It also includes the PHP compression tools and also one API key for multiple sites. It is user-friendly, provides regular support and you can cancel the subscription anytime. 
  • Short plan: It allows you to optimize 5000 per month and prioritizes support. It includes all the other aspects offered in the free plan including the lossless, glossy, and lossy optimization features and no limit for images. The single API key for multiple sites, PHP compression, etc. for which you have to pay $4.99/monthly.
  • Large plan: This large plan includes every feature mentioned above in the short plan which is lossless, glossy, lossy options, provides a single API key to use multiple sites, and allows you to compress 12,000 images for just $9.99/monthly. 
  • XXL Plan: It comprises the above-mentioned features including the optimization options such as lossless, glossy, and lossy along with the single key API and also priority support is provided and also includes various other features from the large plan and also allows you to optimize 55,000 images at $29.99/monthly. 


  • One-Time 10k Plan: The one-time 10k plan allows you to optimize 10,000 images just for $9.99 and includes all the features such as the optimization options: lossless, glossy, lossy. One API key for multiple sites, there is no limit for the size of the pictures and you also get a PHP compression tool along with priority support, etc. 
  • One-Time 30k Plan: This plan is a one-time purchase for $19.99 which allows you to optimize 30,000 pictures with all the features available on ShortPixel. 
  • One-Time 50k Plan: The 50k plan offers you to optimize 50,000 pictures with all the available features for $29.99. 
  • One-Time 170k Plan: This plan is for $99.00 allows you to optimize 1,70,000 pictures with the available features from the above plans. 


  • Dedicated 4: This plan allows you to optimize 4 crore images, 2M per month for $350 a month. It gives a dedicated physical server that is entirely managed with 8 threads. It offers you premium support and is user-friendly. It provides multiple API keys along with all the features available in the other plans such as no limit size, optimization options. Also, you can create sub-accounts. It also charges you an installation charge of $100. 
  • Dedicated 8: The dedicated 8 plan allows you to optimize 8 crore images with 4M optimizations for each month at $500 per month. It gives you 16 threads with all the features mentioned in the Dedicated 4 plan. The installation charge for this plan is $200. 
  • Dedicated 24: The dedicated 24 plan offers you 48 threads and you can optimize 24 crore images with 16M optimization per month. It charges you $1000/monthly and includes all the features mentioned in the previous plans. The installation charge for this plan is $300. 


Smush pricing- SMush vs Shortpixel

Smush is available in 2 different options i.e, the free plan and the premium plan. For the premium plan, you can pay either monthly or annually. 

  • Free Plan: It offers you the basic features available which include optimizing images in lossless compression, lazy loading, backing up the original images and it has no limit to the number of images you can optimize. 
  • Premium Plan: It avails you of all the options in the free plan and additionally it gives other features such as Lossy optimization, compressing the full-size images, Rest API, supports CDN & WebP, serve scaled images, etc. You can pay for this plan in two ways: Monthly and Annually. 
  • Monthly: You have to pay $6/monthly for this plan. 
  • Annually: You need to pay a total sum of $60 yearly which is $5 monthly and gives you 2 months free subscription. 

Pros and Cons

ShortPixel Pros:

  • It is convenient and user-friendly to operate.
  • It compresses the image as soon as it is uploaded.
  • Its pricing is pocket-friendly and has various plans and thus the user can choose any plan that fits the need and the budget of the user.
  • Its image compression quality is far better than other tools. Besides, it shows you a preview option and thus provides you an option where you can compare between the original image and the compressed one.
  • It works without affecting the real quality of the picture.
  • It can work on any kind of image. Short pixel does not depend on the size of the image.
  • Compare the original picture with the compressed picture.
  • See it once and it will automatically optimize the images.
  • Short pixel comes with a vast variety of features. That makes it easy to arrange an image and more productively.
  •  Also, convert your PNG file into a transparent background. Also, you can convert your PDFs into JPEG format which is not offered by many tools. 

Shortpixel Cons

  • It is mandatory to set up an API key before using it for image optimization. It may be confusing to some users how to activate it.
  • Sometimes WordPress creates a thumbnail multiple-sized version of the picture). So for the optimization of the thumbnail, you have to activate the specific option for that.
  • It stores the images for backup also. But sometimes having lots of back-ups can create difficulty in work. Hence, it’s essential to delete backups from time to time.
  • This software is favorable for refusal users, who keep updating their WordPress website regularly and want to load their page in a minimum time.

Smush Pros:

  • It has a powerful lossy compression. Also called super smush. So, if you want to make worthwhile bandwidth protection it is the best option to choose. 
  • It is easy to use. Its interface is beneficial to users and can be operated easily.
  • With a free plan of smush, only lossless compression is available. It is present in default settings.
  • It compresses the image without exploiting the actual quality of the image.
  • It is popular among WordPress users due to its authentic functionality. 
  • It offers a massive image compression plugin. Also, have approx one million users or installations.
  • If you are taking a smush pro version then it comes with a seven-day free trial.
  • It is easy for new users to understand its various features and ways to manage it.

Smush Cons:

  • It has a free trials policy for new users. But it doesn’t include real full-size image compression.
  • It has a pro version that contains many image compression tools.  But, the process of activating the pro version may sound long and a little bit confusing.
  • It had no local Webp tool.
  • It is not so affordable. So if you want any cheap or cost-effective software for image compression then it is not a good option.
  • It works better only if there are more than a hundred images for optimization. 

FAQs Related to ShortPixel vs Smush 2021: 

🏆 What is the best image plugin for wordpress?

In our opinion, the two best plugins for WordPress Image Optimization are ShirtPixel and Smush. Both these plugins give each other run for the money.

👉 What can I use to optimize my pictures for my website for minimum size?

It depends on your needs. If you are outside WordPress, then you should try some Image Optimization tools like Adobe or GIFSicle. However, if you are a WordPress user, we would recommend you try Image Optimization plugins like Shortpixel or Smush.

🔥 Is it true that WP Smush is a WordPress plugin that allows you to optimize images without losing quality?

Yes. Smush automatically compress images without compromising on the quality. It offers lossless compression which reduces the image weight without losing the quality.

✅Does it stop optimizing after I optimize 100 images in a ShortPixel?

Yes, it will stop optimizing the images once you've exhausted your quota and you might have to wait for the plan to renew next month. However, you can change your plan to optimize more images.

💼Does ShortPixel have an API?

Yes, ShortPixel has several APIs and tools also you can learn more about it on ShortPixel's website.

🏆Are there any Lock-ins? Is it possible for me to cancel easily?

No lock-ins are there and it is easily possible for you to cancel it at any hour you want just by doing it from your account page.

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Shortpixel vs Smush Verdict: Which Is Better For Image Optimization? 

Hence, in conclusion, I would say that ShortPixel and Smush both work amazingly. Both are famous among WordPress plugins users for image compression.

What makes them differ from each other is that both have different pricing plans and have some special features also. Such a, if you go through the pricing plan of these both then a short pixel is cheaper than a smush. In features, then in a short pixel, there is no size limit for image compression. While smush contains unique features like LazyLoad image compression and false image detection that make it more popular among WordPress users.

If I were to suggest, I would suggest that ShortPixel is clearly a great choice it has very much to offer even in the free plan and also it has different plans so that you can choose them according to your choice and thus makes it much more attractive.

Consequently, the decision of selecting from these two software depends on the customers according to their requirements and budget. Overall, both are the best software for image optimization.

Hope, you have got a clear understanding between two and know which one excels between ShortPixel vs Smush.

Short pixels and smush both are used for image optimization.  This article consists of their various features, benefits, also their pricing plans, and many more.

Price:$ 4.99

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